"Memorable Drive Will Last a While: Loss hurts, but it won't be the ending fans remember from 2007 baseball season,"
Scott Ferrell http://www.evanblakeley.name/evanblakeley_photos/scott_farrell_park_cities_news20070608.jpg, Sports Editor, Park Cities People http://www.peoplenewspapers.com/, Issue Date: June 8, 2007, Volume 25, Issue 23, Page 6A.

Somewhere during the first family gathering I attended after moving back to Dallas 13 years ago, I gave the answer that relatives still bring up around the dinner table from time to time.

I had just returned from a job in California in my first extended stay away from the home city. The answer, I suppose, was as ironic as it was laughable, although my honest answer wasn’t meant as a joke.

Uncle: “What was the best part about living out there?”

Me: “Getting there and back.”

It’s true that my 14-month stay in Fresno, Calif., wasn’t worth as much to me as the three-day drive out there, or the five days I took to get back. Which tells you something about Fresno – picture Lubbock with a few more trees and some mountains on the horizon, and you’ve got the lettuce capital of America.

Ask me about the job or other details about Fresno, and I’ll give you some mundane answers. But ask me about my trip out there cruising I-20 through the Southwest, or my drive back coming across the Rockies before turning down into Texas, and I’ll give you a verbal AAA guide.

Such is the case for the Highland Park baseball team, I suspect. As with my venture to Fresno, the Scots’ journey, I hope, was better than the destination.

HP lost to Mesquite Poteet, 4-3, in extra innings last Friday, marking the end point of their trek but a long drive from where they began. A few key plays, and you can argue a few coin flips, didn’t go HP’s way in that game. Frankly, it was plenty exciting and emotion-packed, but not worth sending a postcard home about.

But the Scots have plenty of stories to tell about how they got to the Region II-4A championship game. Just as the desert Southwest, with its grand canyons and red rock mountains, still sticks in my memory so many years afterward, so too will the 42 games the Scots played prior to last Friday.

Sixteen-game win streaks have a way of lasting through the historical record. Seasons that stretch past graduation into June, combined with 33 wins, do too.

Every season has finality to it that, win or lose at the end, leaves you a little emptier than you’d expect. I was surprised at my sense of disappointment following HP’s football state championship in 2005. Not that the Scots won to cap an undefeated season. But that, despite winning every game, it still ended so abruptly.

I was ready to go on to the next game. But with trophy in hand, there was no next game.

Which brings up a philosophical question I don’t have an answer for: does it really matter whether you win at the end or not? Don’t Scots fans, like me, talk more about those earlier football playoff wins over Texarkana and Stephenville than they do about the title-game win over Marshall?

This baseball loss to Poteet will shortly fade in the collective memory, along with the sting over losing to an intense rival. But talk about the Scots’ win over Duncanville, the Scotland Yard Classic tourney wins, crushing Colleyville Heritage at Rangers Ballpark, the seventh-inning comeback to beat West Mesquite that ignited the win streak, thumping Poteet at home, wiping out Richardson Pearce at home, walking home with the district-playoff win over Rockwall-Heath, four trips to Tyler/Kilgore and one long haul to Abilene, won’t end for quite a while.

At least until next season.

Every team worked from the same map heading into the 2007 season. But the Scots’ journey gave us all plenty of scenery along the way.

Thanks for the ride.